Melkhoutfontein (Stilbaai Tourism)

Melkhoutfontein (‘milkwood fountain’ ) is 7km from Stilbaai and was originally part of a communal farm project and home to local fisher folk.

The small village is characterised by original thatch-roofed, white-limed houses and is known for its friendliness and hospitality.

Here you can enjoy a unique ‘homestay’ experience, which affords the visitor the opportunity to stay with local families, while listening to tales of old and indulging yourself in traditional cuisine.

A hiking trail starts at the community hall and ends at the Old Anglican Church and graveyard. Revel in the spectacular flora (mainly Cape fynbos) and fauna (small game), along the Jagersbosch beachfront dunes, or take a walk back in history and see the ancient fish traps and shell middens

The local locals will keep you mesmerised with tales of an era past and the history and culture of the townsfolk, while you savour the local cuisine.

Don’t miss a "Cookup Kamammas" where locals prepare and serve meals for visitors.

Contact: Stilbaai Tourism, +27 (0)28 754 2602